Tierras de Mollina

A fusion of aromas, sun, and soil.

Tierras de Mollina is all about nature, elegance, and richness of aromas. Sun and soil fuse in a vine-growing tradition that stretches back to the 8th century, when the Phoenicians arrived on the Malaga coast. Ever since they started cultivating vines, in partnership with the local people of the region, the art of wine has gradually been enhanced by each of the peninsula’s ruling empires (Greeks, Romans, Arabs,…), which have all added their experience to the production of what we today know as the fine wines of the province of Malaga.

It was not until 1933 that Spain’s first regulatory council was set up, the Malaga Designation of Origin. Then in 2001, the council’s fourth set of regulations was published.

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in which official recognition was given to D.O. Málaga (for sweet wines and liqueur wines) and D.O. Sierra de Málaga (for red, white, and rosé wines), two designations of origin for two totally different styles of wine.

It is in Mollina, in the north of the province, in Antequera, where 80% of these ancestral wines are produced, due to the richness of the area’s soil, steeped with essence and nuances. 844 hectares of vines that the S.C.A. Virgen de la Oliva, Malaga’s only wine cooperative and forming part of the Hojiblanca Group, pampers throughout the year so as to ensure that each harvest is a celebration of aromas, textures, and colours.

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